Syracuse , the flight of twenty girls in pajamas Eritrean

A group of twenty Eritrean girls aged 12 to 16 years he tried to escape from the house of Don Orione acceptance of Floridia . They were still in their pajamas when they were reached by the volunteers in the countryside and the highway connecting the small town to Syracuse. Some of them are still unable to escape : ”We can not do anything about it , sometimes it’s inevitable ,” explain the volunteers who prefer to remain anonymous . ”Because ours is an emergency facility and we have no political behind . And we are also criticized by Save the Children just because this is a nursing home with elderly and disabled . ”

With the increasing number of landings of these days, more will come tomorrow at Augusta 1505 in Syracuse are several emergency facilities that house these days unaccompanied minors . Not only in Floridia , but also in Canicattini Bagni , Priolo and Pachino . The Palajonio Augusta was instead temporarily closed for pest control.

The Eritrean girls do not just re-entered the structure they wrote on Facebook to their families. With them was the little Mamuk , 11 years old , arrived at Augusta on 30 January and again in search of a place : ” I love to play football ,” said the boy , nicknamed for its liveliness the ”Toto Riina ” the structure. Now Mamouk after having been for a month to Palajonio spends his days here . Among the disabled, elderly and young Eritrean girls who will soon leave the post to other unfortunate children .

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