At the end of the evacuation asylum seekers have declared a hunger strike

Hundreds of asylum seekers evicted Colombians established by the woods near the community of Nitzan Negev in violent confrontations with the police. UNHCR expressed concern about the operation of power. ”Action indicates desperation”

Hundreds of asylum seekers were evacuated yesterday (Sunday) in violent clashes with police, erected tents in the woods near the community of Nitzan. The police took some force to the bus, and reported that some of the asylum seekers were throwing stones at police. At the end of the evacuation asylum seekers were taken to prison in the Negev crescents. Shortly thereafter, declared that asylum seekers begin hunger strike.

Protesters called on UNHCR to intervene in the situation and ensure the provision of rights as asylum seekers. ”Cops here use a lot of force and violence,” said one asylum seekers Walla News during the evacuation. ”Now they take a woman by force, the situation here is not good. They played for two buses and now they continue to take us by force. ”

UNHCR yesterday released an unusual statement, which expressed concern the use of force against asylum seekers. ”UNHCR calls on the government and especially the Minister of Interior, Minister of Public Security and the Minister of Defense to avoid using force, and make an effort to create a dialogue with the protesting asylum seekers” stated, ”this asylum seekers adopted indicates hopelessness and despair they feel as a result of separation from the community and their transfer to the sands for an indefinite period.”

Commission also called on the government to revisit its policy toward asylum seekers, improve their conditions at the facility sands, although devices are defined as open, but according operates and is managed detention facility, any person entitled to international protection should not be held in the coercion, as well as check their asylum request within reasonable period of time.

On Friday left about 700 asylum seekers from the facility ”sands” in the Negev where they stayed, protest march towards the border with Egypt to protest the conditions of their maintenance. Way IDF forces arrested them claiming that if they keep the border are threatened. They refused to return to the facility stay even though the law requires them to do so, and took two nights in the woods near the community of Nitzan. ”We do not intend to return to the facility, to Blue,” they said at the time march. ”the place is a prison, you are not free, there is no health care, and we can not return to this facility.”



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