Refugee : Eritrean regime incredibly cruel and oppressive

The current Eritrean asylum seekers who come to the Netherlands , taking unprecedented proportions. Teeven according to Secretary for Justice For years, there are relatively many Eritreans to our country to seek asylum. In 2013 there were 978 , according Refugee Netherlands , Somalis after the great group of Africans . According to the NGO , the country has in the Horn of Africa is one of the most repressive regimes in the world. Some compare the situation with that in North Korea.

Criticism of the government is prohibited and opponents arrested . The service is for people up to 10 years and drives many people to flee , which certainly is not without risks. At the borders is shot at people trying to get the country out. People who get caught , given heavy sentences . Only with an exit to Eritreans leave their country , but they get in practice almost never.

President Isaias Afewerki ruled for decades with an iron fist . Even before independence in 1993, which came about through a referendum , he was the de facto leader of the region in northern Ethiopia . For decades there was an extremely bloody battle fought for independence and in 1998 it was hit again. In a two -year war tens of thousands of soldiers were killed in the two countries . In 2000, the fighting cocks agreed , a file with a supervised by UN troops buffer . Netherlands made ​​an important contribution to that mission ( UNMEE ) with more than 1,100 soldiers.

The wars Eritrea driven to the edge of the abyss . According to UN estimates, in 2011 70 percent of the population struggling to scrape enough food. Together The government claims that the country is self-sufficient and shows off food.

U.S. diplomats , according to Wikileaks documents scathing about Afewerki and his one-party state . ” Young Eritreans flee in large numbers , the economy seems to have ended up in a deadly downward spiral flows over the prisons and insane dictator remains cruel and capricious ” , outlined the U.S. ambassador in Asmara , the situation in the country.

trooper Netherlands
The trooper responds to the sharp increase of asylum seekers to the Netherlands . ” We put our capacity now in a different way ,” said Alfred Ellwanger of the military police . ” The majority of asylum seekers from Eritrea trying to get . Our country especially through the southern border of Netherlands Therefore, we have most of our capacity of our mobile controls are moved there. That is the advantage of our mobile controls . This allows us to quickly scroll. ”

The trooper knows for certain routes of the foreigners . Ellwanger : ” We know that they come by bus or other forms of public transport like the train . If we have concrete information , we are ready to intercept them. If the applicants are customizing their area of entry , then we do that with our controls. ”







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