Purposeful Kisanet Tesfaghabir

Kisanet Tesfaghabir came to Sweden and Övertorneå from Eritrea for almost four years ago. Quickly she learned Swedish, started on Border River School and started a UF business with interpreter that got price growth companies.

– I have tried to do my best, it was so fun to see the result also explains Kisanet Tesfaghabir, which invested heavily in both school and interpreting company.

This summer, she worked at a nursing home in Overtornea, but the next waiting medical school at the University of Umeå.

– I’ve just always wanted to study for a physician, so in that way, it was much easier to decide what I wanted to study till late in the future.

Tesfaghabir intend to continue with the interpreter now even when the studies launched.

– It is not certain that you have time to work as much, but I will have left the company so I can see how it will be late when I’m over there.