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[jqdial code=”dial62277a6e17″] 0.5;1[/jqdial] Meron Estefanos has been called by captors who tortured her relatives and demanded her money. Something that has become a reality for many Eritreans.

In a conversation got Meron Estefanos hear how a relative shouted torture. Utpressarna demanded that she paid 200 000 for the torture to stop.

Until now, almost a billion dollars paid to save upwards of 25,000 people from being tortured to death in Eritrea. To draw attention to the situation , the human rights activist Meron Estefanos started the radio program Voices of Eritrean refugees.

– I started the radio show to try to pay attention to what is happening in Eritrea and other vulnerable countries nearby where mainly refugees tortured. I want the Eritreans who are contemplating escape should understand that the problems will continue even if they try , and succeed , leave the country.

In the program you will hear people call in and talk about their situation . Meron Estefanos says it can range from those who are thinking of escaping from Eritrea , the boat people who call from the boat as they flee the sinking.

– I got a call from a boat in which 250 people were drowning and had to call the Italian Coast Guard to alert . There have also been calls from the Eritreans who are to be deported from Israel to Eritrea and who need urgent help to escape deportation and imminent torture. Those who call me are almost always in need.

Meron Estefanos says she previously worked with other matters relating to human rights , but that the distance between Sweden and Eritrea made ​​it too difficult to help Eritreans in Eritrea. Therefore , she focuses now on helping those who have already left the country. There she has a greater opportunity to help. It was also in the process as her radio show started.

– It was when my cousin was kidnapped as my commitment right kidnappings became so strong . The kidnappers are very successful , so it is difficult to see how the situation will be improved. And they have no choice – it does not pay , they die even relatives.

The Israeli film ” Sound of torture ” that follows Meron Estefanos work with tortured refugees currently displayed at the Gothenburg Film Festival.


By: P3 Nyheter 




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