(AGENPARL) – Rome, 02 July – ”It ’s time to start over” what is said Vice Minister Pistelli visit to Asmara, the first of a politician of government in Eritrea since 1997, the travel of the President the Republic Oscar Luigi Scalfaro. I have come here to witness the desire to boost bilateral relations and try to facilitate a successful reintegration of Eritrea as a responsible actor in the international community and the fundamental dynamics of regional stabilization. ”

The Deputy Minister Pistelli had long work sessions with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Saleh and Advisor to the President, Ghebreab, before gathering in a long and in-depth interview with President Isaias for the analysis of various issues relevant bilateral and international common interest to the two countries.

”I found at my interlocutors great availability and awareness,” said Pistelli at the conclusion of the meetings. ”If we can share in the partnership, forgetting their respective recriminations that now adhere to the historical dimension of our relationship and have to stop the current condition, the potential for Italy and Eritrea are huge and all mutual benefit.”

Italy is the second largest trading partner of Eritrea, but the exchange still hovers negligible levels because of the substantial isolation of Asmara. The aim of the visit is precisely stimulate the availability of Eritrea to the constructive dialogue with the countries of the region on the basis of a participation in the stabilization of the Horn of Africa, the activation of the development policies of the country, with a shared commitment to the protection of the rights humans, the fight against terrorism and transnational crime.

”I have come to turn a path of cooperation on all areas of mutual interest, in the knowledge that in this part of the region originate many of the problems of security and migration that occur later from us. And to do that I wanted to clarify here personally to the President Isaias in Asmara that Italy is ready to show a new hotel, which will certainly enable the mutual confidence that has been lacking between us from too many decades now. ”

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