Refugee flows to the EU

There are 53,722 refugees from Eritrea in the EU. Here’s where they live.

Use the graphics above to explore where refugees in Europe live. Select a country of origin to see what EU countries people fled to.

These figures are for 2014 and show people that, according to the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR), were granted refugee status that year or earlier. The numbers also include people in refugee-like situations.

Three of the origin categories may require some additional notes. The term ”stateless” refers to people not considered members of any state, e.g. a person whose country of origin has ceased to exist, or a person whose papers are not considered valid by their country of origin.

”Various/Unknown” is used in cases where the UNCHR has not yet established a person’s nationality, or in cases where people lack the proper paperwork to prove a certain nationality and can be linked to several countries.

Thirdly, ”others” refers to the sum of refugees coming from countries other than the major countries of origin previously listed. Follow this link to view those figures in detail.


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