Tikabo of Eritrea wins at Citylauf

Cottbus Desale Tikabo (30) SV Chemie Guben by on Saturday become the first 24 Citylauf in Cottbus, with a time of 32:41 minutes to 9.6 km away.

He arrived a year ago from Eritrea (Africa) to Germany and trained here diligently. After the well-deserved victory went to him very well, as he reported. Already on Tuesday last week, he had won the 11.5 km-Cup at ”running into May” in Guben.

Tikabo was one of 220 people on the city circuit in Cottbus, which in 2015 made for a successful fourth championship round in Sparkassen Laufcup. Tikabo won ahead of Christian Schrutek (free transition team) in 32: 50.4 minutes. Third place won Felix Ledwig (Diehloer Hill Runners) 34.16,2 minutes. Overall victory in the women won last year’s winner Jasmin Beer (Wacker Komptendorf) in 37: 45.5 minutes. before Anna Oprei (FLB Cottbus) in 40.34,2 minutes. and Manuela Lenk (FLG Spremberg) in 41: 04.6 minutes.

The runners will now little time for recreation. For it is only on 26 June will start at the 14th Komptendorfer Waldlauf over 5 km (18 clock), the fifth of nine runs in the Sparkassen-Laufcup.

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