FACTS: Here is Eritrea report’s critics

Several experts are skeptical about the conclusions of the Danish asylum report on Eritrea.

Danish Immigration Service report on Eritrea gets hug from several experts and professionals.

Here are some of them:

* Jens Weise Olesen, senior consultant at the Danish Immigration Service to TV2:

– It’s a torpedo directly into the work we have done over 20 years to build credibility and transparency.

* Tamrat Kebebe, director of grassroots organization Inter Africa Group and the source of the report:

– The conclusion has been reached to / have constructed does not reflect my point of view. In fact, the situation in Eritrea considered, I find it inhumane. It is achieved by deliberately distort and tailor my statements.

* Professor at London South Bank University and the source of the report, Gaim Kibreab:

– I would dump the report if it was a first-year student who had handed it to me.

* Carl Bexelius, deputy head of legal affairs at the Swedish Migration Board:

– The report provides a picture of the situation in Eritrea, which is better than it in fact is the case. It is simply misleading.

* Dan Connell, a professor and lecturer in African politics at Simmons College in Boston. Has worked with Eritrea for 40 years. Politiken:

– It is a sloppy report appears to be designed for use political rather than to explore a subject. It is wrong absurdly on several points.

* Report from the United Kingdom announced in November, according to Politiken:

– The government (in Eritrea, ed.), People regard as political opponents if they deserting or evading military service, and treatment of these people will probably lead to prosecution.

* Sheila B. Keetharuth, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Eritrea, in a speech, according to Berlingske:

– Eritreans flee forced conscription indefinitely, arbitrary arrests and imprisonment, solitary confinement, inhumane prison conditions, killings, disappearances and torture.

* David Bozzini, a visiting scientist at the City University of New York and internationally recognized Eritrea expert, Berlingske:

– The report from the Danish immigration authorities is a perfect example of how such reports should not be. It is biased and colored.

* Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council, Andreas Kamm, on Twitter:

– Immigration should withdraw the report on Eritrea back and rethink the whole concept. One must be able to trust the authorities.

* Claus Juul, Legal Adviser at Amnesty International:

– One can begin to process the files (for asylum seekers from Eritrea, ed.) Now, but we do not believe that it could incorporate the report of the proceedings as it looks.

* Anne Mette Kjær, researcher in African politics and government feeling at Aarhus University:

– According to my assessment holds premise of the report – that there is a lack of new information on the state of Eritrea – not. There are lots of sources, including credible sources.

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