Teklehaimanot wins gold

Daniel Teklehaimanot has won the Eritrean national time trial championships after beating the MTN-Qhubeka Feeder Team rider Meron Teshome by just four seconds over the 38km course.

Natnael Berhane made it an even better day for MTN-Qhubeka by finishing in third place.

It would be an extremely long day of competition at the Eritrean national time trial champs on Friday as the first rider would start as early as 6am.

A total of 108 riders would set off in the race against the clock and after a few delays during the course of the day, the last eight riders finally got under way around 5pm.

Merhawi Kudus was one of the first starters and his early benchmark would stand the test of time right up until the last wave of eight riders set off. Teshome would better the time set by Kudus by just 33 seconds to briefly go into the lead. Teklehaimanot soon followed the MTN-Qhubeka Feeder Team rider home and would post a new best time by four seconds.

Defending champion Berhane was the last rider to finish and he would split Teshome and Kudus to claim third place.

Overall it was a great day of racing for MTN-Qhubeka with the three riders in the top four and the other rider coming from the MTN-Qhubeka Feeder Team.

Teklehaimanot’s victory also means that the national time trial jersey of Eritrea will debut at the Tour de France when stage 1 gets under way on the 4th of July.

”I am very happy to take this victory. It was a long day but to finally end with a win is a great feeling. To wear the flag of Eritrea at the Tour de France will be very special and I will try to do everyone proud. Thank you to everyone for all the support,” Teklehaimanot said.

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