Arms exports in Eritrea, four years in Flournoy: was councilor at the Pirelli with Formigoni

Former member of the League and the National Alliance was accused of illegal export of armaments to Eritrea and tax evasion. In 2009 he was arrested for bribery

The former regional Lombard Piergianni Flournoy was sentenced to four years imprisonment in the process Milan where he was accused of illegal export of armaments to Eritrea and tax evasion. This was decided by the Fourth Criminal Division of the Court of Milan, who has acquitted former political Lombard another accusation: the ’willful failure to execute the order of a judge’.

Flournoy, who in the past has already had several legal problems, was sentenced in particular for having taken part in the transfer to the African country of ”ten telescopes night of the third generation” for sniper rifles. In the process two other defendants were sentenced to suspended sentences and other persons accused in various ways, corruption and fraud have been acquitted instead. According to the hypothesis accusatory (substantially sustained by the tribunal) Prosperini would receive in black sums of money that had been recognized as a percentage for his role of mediator between some Italian companies and the Eritrean government.

Flournoy sentenced to 4 years for arms exports in Eritrea

This is not the first legal entanglement for the politician grew up in the Northern League and then passed to the National Alliance. Flournoy was already jailed in 2009, when he was Minister of Tourism of Pirelli, on charges of having received a bribe of 230 thousand euro on a contract for the television commercials worth over 7 million. He had been released from prison only after reaching a plea bargain agreement for years to three years and five months. Finished again under house arrest in spring 2010, had attempted suicide.

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