Promo ng the Concept of Grassroots Movement: the Strategy of Bo om-up & the Role of the Media

By Goitom Emam

January 1, 2016
”Change won’t come from the top; Change will come from mobilized grassroots.” Barack Obama

Marke ng and promo ng new concept or idea is very important in order to persuade & get people’s a en on and support. Many corpora ons fail not because they do not possess a good product, but because they fail to market their product. Millions of Dollars is spent every year by big corpora ons for adver sement. To sell an idea or concept such as the “Bo om-Up Grassroots’ Movement”, you need to have a clearly defined concept; you need a promoter, and a medium (media outlets) and audience that can buy the idea. Clearly defined concept needs to be clear and easy to understand by people. You need promoters who are skillful enough to carry the message, convey or sell the idea. You need to have a media outlet that can relay your message to the general public. Of course, you need to have an audience that is interested in your ideas. I think most of us try to sell new ideas without knowing these important components….

MORE PDF: Promoting the Concept of Grassroots Movement and Role of Media

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