New hope for Dawit Isaak

A number of long-term prisoners in Eritrea have been released by the regime.

It writes the standalone Eritrean News Agency Zajel.

Releasing Dena raises new hope for Swedish Dawit Isaak’s relatives in Sweden.

4593 days.

So far, Dawit Isaak, imprisoned in Eritrea. Without trial. Without formal charges.

He was arrested at his home in Eritrea , where he returned after living in Sweden for over a decade , in September 2001.

Worked as a journalist

Dawit Isaak was working as a journalist for an anti-regime newspaper in Eritrea and with him were arrested another ten journalists from the independent press.

According to news agency Zajel now has dozens of prisoners released from his imprisonment. Several of them have been imprisoned for over eight years , state news agency.

According Zajal were prisoners who fled Eritrea, but returned to the country after it gained independence in 1993 to help with reconstruction.

”More can be dropped ”

Releasing defendants should have taken place for nearly a week ago, but still has no interviews or statements from the released arrived , which according to Expressen is because the regime does not want to make a big deal of their decisions.

Furthermore , according to sources Expressen, it could be a sign that more people could be released.

And it raises hopes of Dawit Isaak’s close in Sweden.

– Given all the attention that Dawit’s case has received over the years increases the jump now. It is perceived as a big burden on Eritrea , says Dawit Isaak’s brother Esayas Isaak Expressen.



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