The story of Eritrean asylum in Sudan

The story of Eritrean asylum in Sudan, which extends to about thirty years: what they have suffered at home, and in the camps Akabdoh Allju.tan microscope every Wednesday evening at five o’clock GMT.


African refugees in Israel face violence, discrimination and an uncertain future. Tensions came to a head in Tel Aviv this April with a Molotov cocktail attack on African homes and a creche. In a country where refugees are seen as ’infiltrators’ and a ’cancer’, Isayas is a refugee attempting to change the situation on the ground.

The asylum-seekers had been convicted on charges of illegal entry to Israel under national immigration laws. Such deportations of asylum-seekers without having their claims reviewed by the competent authorities amount to refoulement and constitute a serious violation of the 1951 Refugee Convention. Deportation of asylum-seekers and refugees to Eritrea is illegal under international law, the UNHCR believes they are likely to face persecution, torture, and execution.