I just came back from the ELF Reunion in Atlanta Georgia. My first participation ever in any reunion or festival. I am glad I did. This is why:
I witnessed all Berhane told me about the ELF (Jobha) way back in the late ‘70s. He told me that this is the Freedom fighters group that started our liberation war. He made me understand that an alphabet cannot start in the middle, but we have to be able to read the first letters so to be educated. Berhane told me the Eritrean alphabet starts with “ሀ ሁ” and the first part cannot be ignored and for us to pretend and start our alphabet in

the middle “ለ ሉ”. Same with the role of the ELF.
I saw history live. I saw my dream becoming a reality and I told my children

that I met and shook hands with history.

It all started with observing a moment of silence to remember our Martyrs. They bowed their heads and paid respect to my Berhane as well, a proud EPLF Veteran and Martyr.

The ELF Veterans were kind, gentlemen, and elegant women carrying a knowledge to no end. They each told me their story, their personal involvement to give Eritrea the freedom we cherish today.
They did not insult the non-ELF. They did not deny the credit due to the EPLF, to the Warsay Y’kaalo or to the Eritrean people.

They remembered the villages that took risk and stood by them in hiding their weapons during the liberation war; in sharing water or the last piece of homemade bread “ቅጫ”. They cured them when wounded, they salute them when winners.

They told me about the fathers and mothers who buried their own sons and daughters, and yet helped those around that made it alive. The families that had so much to bear; no one could compare to their fear, but they stood strong. The families with a hope made of steel but deep in their hearts they felt a pain that is hard to shake away. They told me about the wife that stood tall, the children that knew why they were left alone.

All this rolled in one makes Eritrea the land we love so much.

Let us stand by our Veterans and our people and see this time of division go by.
For, Eritrea is unity, is love, help and hope. This is all we saw our Veterans delivering! They did not ask any due back from a free Eritrea. Even though they paid their dues in the battlefields.

They did not tell me the challenges their own families are still going through because today many of their families are the caregivers. Instead, they asked me about my family. They cared to know how my kids are and how they cope with losing their father (Berhane) to the enemy’s torture.

They told me about Eritrean Veterans in Kassala/ Sudan that live with mental, physical and long term financial problems. Let us tell them that we are here for them and never forget all they did to keep us free. They did so much for our dream of independence to become a reality. For liberty from slavery to be our birth right given back to us by each of them.
Now we have to realize that their lives are so precious and true because this time we should fear to lose our Veterans to age, sickness, depression, loneliness and sadness.
For our Veterans, their beliefs sent them to war. Their faith in us
today, gives them hope to witness a day of gratitude simply called Eritrean Veterans’ Day.
I came back from Atlanta, stronger and more decided to fight within my being to provide these Eritrean Veterans all we can. Hoping the Eritrean Government will create an Eritrean Veterans’ Day and provide services to help the Veterans still alive with all the challenges they face along their daily life. Meanwhile I ask – please – all Eritreans to help our Veterans and to help me and guide me in creating programs to assist our Veterans in need with physical, mental, financial wellbeing. This is a generation that is injured to give all of us freedom.

I seek the help of Eritrean Attorneys, Doctors, Teachers, Ph.D. holders and all with any skills to join hands and create a Veterans Day. Eritrean Veterans too, will have to participate and join hands. We cannot make it without them leading us.
No politics, no faith issues, no financial gain is in the agenda of a group striving to create such a day.
Hopefully our peaceful voices will make the Eritrean Government give it a strong believe that all Veterans deserve a day of gratitude and for our

young generations to meet and honor history. I would like to quote President Eisenhower and make his words a guide of what Eritrean Veterans deserve. Because we feel the same way too.

“I have every confidence that our Nation will respond wholeheartedly in the appropriate observance of Veterans Day. (1954) President Eisenhower (attached letter as reference).

Eritrean Veterans lay down their lives so we could live ours. Women and men who did not come home and left their families and children all

alone. For us to be safe and sound. The saddest death for our Veterans is to be ignored and forgotten.

They are today an army of one. Simply called: Eritrean Veterans!

Thank you.
Kiki Tzeggai
August 27, 2016

More than 1,000 migrants rescued from boats off the coast of Italy in ONE DAY

AROUND 1,100 migrants were rescued off the coast of Italy as they attempted to make the dangerous sea crossing in a day of rescue operations.

The Italian Coastguard was sent on more than 11 separate rescue missions in the Strait of Sicily on Sunday.

Migrants attempted to make the crossing in rubber boats, a barge and two punts.

The Coastguard used Dattilo patrol ships to save around 600 people crammed onto five rubber boats.

Italian Navy ships were drafted in to save hundreds more from another three rubber boats and a barge.

Another seven migrants were rescued from a small boat by the Coastguard.

The operation came just one day after hundreds of migrants were rescued from an overcrowded dingy and wooden boat off the coast of Libya.

Migrants from Eritrea crammed onto the overcrowded wooden vessel during a rescue operation by the Spanish NGO Proactiva, off the Libyan coast in Mediterranean Sea on Saturday.

The rescues mark another busy day for the Italian Coastguard who have rescued thousands over migrants from the sea over the past year.

It’s unclear what country the migrants had set sail from but migration experts expect the Libya-Italy route to be used more often following the EU-Turkey deal, which makes it harder for migrants to reach Europe through the Balkans.

The route was abandoned when it became easier to reach Europe via Greece.

The number of migrants arriving in Italy by sea has fallen by 9 per cent this year, to 37,743, according to the Interior Ministry.

Boat arrivals have risen as people smugglers attempt the crossing from Libya to make the most of warm weather and calm seas.

Italy has taken in more than 420,000 boat migrants, most from Africa, since the start of 2014.

The number of migrants has caused political friction, with some right-wing parties lambasting the government for not doing more to stop the crisis.

Many migrants pay traffickers to travel on unseaworthy rubber boats to Sicily.

Thousands of migrants have died trying to make the crossing.

By: Express


እቲ ዘየደቅስ ናይ ቤተ-ክርስቲያንና ጉዳይ

እቲ ዘየደቅስ ናይ ቤተ-ክርስቲያንና ጉዳይ

ዘደቅስ ከይተረኽበ ደቂስካ ክሕደር ዝከኣል ኣይኮነን። ኩሉ ነገር ዘይስምዖም ኮይኖም፥ ደቂሶም ዝሓድሩ እንተተረኽቡ እውን፥ ዘገርም ኣይኮነን። ኩሉ ናይ ሕልና ጉዳይ ስለዝኾነ፥ ምሳና ድቃስ ስኢንኩም ዘይትሓድሩ ኢልና፥ ንወቕሶምን ንኸሶምን ሰባት ክህልዉና ኣይግባእን። ከመይሲ ከምቲ ዝበልናዮ፥ ኩሉ ነገር ናይ ሕልና ጉዳይ እዩ።

ሕዝብና ድማ ብሕልና ካብ ዝፋላለ ነዊሕ ስለ-ዝኾነ፥ ብሓንሳእ ክበክን ብሓንሳእ ክስሕቕን ዝነበሮ እዋን፥ ካብ ዝሓልፍ ነዊሕ ኮይኑ`ዩ። ከመይሲ ኣብ ላምባዱሳ እቲ ኩሉ ህልቂት ክርከብ ከሎ፥ ኣብ ዳስ ሓዘን ብሓንሳእ ኮፍ ኣይበለን። እቲ ክንድቲ ዝኣክል ንማኅበረ-ሰብ ዓለም፥ ዘንቀጥቀጠ ህልቂት ክርከብ ከሎ፥ ሕዝብና ኣብ ክልተ-ዳስ ተመቒሉ`ዩ ዝተራእየ።

እተን ኣብቲ ሓደ ዳስ ዝነበራ ኣዴታት፥ ዋይ-ደቀይ-!! እናበላ ርእሰን ደርሚመን፥ ምድረ-ሰማይ ብኣውያት ንቕንቕ ኣቢለንኦ ክሕድራ ከለዋ፥ እተን ኣብቲ ካልኣይ ዳስ ዝነበራ ግና፥ ብኣንጻሩ ብስልማት-ወርቂ ኣብለጭልጨን፥ ኣብቲ ጓይላታት ክዕንድራን ክዘላን ከም-ዝሓደራ፥ ኣብ ምርሳዕ ዘይበጽሐ ናይ ትማሊ ፍጻሜ`ዩ። ስለዚ ጉዳይ ቤተ-ክርስቲያን ተዋሕዶ`ውን፥ ንኹሉ ብኃባር ከቐንዝዎ ይኽእል`ዩ ክንብል ኣይንኽእልን።

ብዝኾነ ግን፥ -ዘየድቅስ ነጊሮሙኻስ ድቅስ ይሓድሩ- ከም-ዝበሃል፥ እቲ ንቤተ-ክርስቲያንና ብዝምልከት፥ ካብ ኣሥመራ ተላዒሉ ዝነፈሰ ንፋስ፥ ኣብ ካልእ ጸገም ዘእትወና ኮይኑ ከይርከብ፥ እቲ ደምበ ተዋሕዶና ብዕቱብ ዝከታተሎ ዘሎ ጉዳይ ምዃኑ፥ ዝተሰወረ ኣይኮነን። ብርግጽ`ውን እዚ ጉዳይ`ዚ፥ ነታ ብቅድስና ዝፍለጥ ታሪኽ ዘለዋ ቤተ-ክርስቲያንና፥ ናብ ጥፍኣት ደፊኡ ዝወስዳ ደኣምበር፥ ንሠናያ ዝግበር ዘሎ`ዩ ዝብል እምነት የብልናን።

ከምኡ እንተ-ዘይከውን ነይሩ፥ እቲ ተገይሩ ዝበሃል ዘሎ ምዝርራብ፥ ስለ-ምንታይ ናይ ግብጺ ቤተ-ክርስቲያን ኣቦታት፥ ክሕወሱዎ ዘይተገብረ-? ስለ-ምንታይሲ እቶም ፓትርያርክ ኣቡነ-እንጦንዮስ፥ ኣብ ግልጺ ዝኾነ መድረኽ ወጺኦም፥ ብዛዕባ`ቲ ዕርቂዶ-! ይቕሬታዶ-! ተባሂሉ ዝተዘርግሐ መግለጺ፥ ባዕሎም ብኣካል ቀሪቦም ክገልጹ ዘይተገብረ-? ኩሉ ነገር ብሽፍንፍን ክኸይድ ዝድለ ዘሎኸ ስለምንታይ`ዩ-?

መቸም እቲ ዝወሃብ ዘሎ መግለጺ፥ ብስም ሲኖዶስ`ዩ እኳ እንተ-ተባህለ፥ ናይቲ ሲኖዶስ መግለጺ`ዩ ኢሉ፥ ክቕበሎ ዝኽእል ግን ዘሎ ኣይመስለናን። ብርግጽ`ውን እታ ቤተ-ክርስቲያን፥ ነዚ ዝሓለፈ ዕሥራን-ሓሙሽተን ዓመት፥ ኣብ ትሕቲ ምቁጽጻር-ፖለቲካ ዝተታሕዘት ደኣምበር፥ ብሲኖዶስ እትምራሕ ነፃ ቤተ-ክርስቲያን ነይራትና፥ ክብል ዝኽእል ዘሎ ኣይመስለናን። ከመይሲ እቲ ኩሉ ሕግን ሥርዓትን ብምትሕልላፍ፥ ክግበር ዝጸንሐ ግህሰት፥ ብበዓል ናይዝጊ ክፍሉን, ደራጎን ኃይለ-መለኮትን, ሠመረ በይንን እምበር፥ ብመነኮሳት ወይ ብጳጳሳት ኣይነበረን።

ርግጽ`ዩ ጳጳሳት ኣይነበሩን ክንብል ከሎና፥ ብሓላፍነት ዘሕትት የብሎምን ማለትና ከምዘይኮነ፥ ክፍለጥ ኣገዳሲ`ዩ። ናይቲ ፖለቲካ መጋበሪ ብምዃን፥ ዘፍረሱዎን ዘዕነዉዎን እውን፥ ክንደይ`ኳ ብዙሕ`ዩ። ከመይሲ ሲኖዶስ ወሲኑዎ እናተባህለ`ዩ፥ እቲ ኩሉ ዕንወት ክፍጸም ዝጸንሐ። ግዳስ ብጉልባብ ሲኖዶስ ደኣ ተገይሩ ይበሃል እምበር፥ እተን ነቲ ጻሕሊ ከዅሳ ዝጸንሓ ኣእዳውሲ፥ ናይ መን ከም-ዝኾና፥ እቲ ደምበ-ተዋሕዶና ክጠፍኦ ይኽእል`ዩ ኣይንብልን።

እቲ ሕጂ ዘፍርሃና ዘሎ ግና፥ እቲ ብቐዳማይ ዝተዋህበ መግለጺ፥ ናይቲ ዕርቂ ተባሂሉ ዘሎ መጐልበቢ ደኣምበር፥ ካብ ሎሚ ንጽባሕ ዝስዕብ ነገር ከም-ዝህሉስ፥ ከም ርዱእ ዝውሰድ ነገር እዩ። ግዳስ ካብቲ ንዕሥራን-ሓሙሽተን ዓመት መመላእታ፥ ዝተመኮርናዮ እምባ ሠናይ ነገር ምጽባይ፥ ነፍስኻ ምትዕሽሻው እንተ-ዘይኮይኑ፥ ብተስፋ ክንጽበ ዘግብረና ምኽንያት ኣሎ ኣይንብልን።

ከምቲ ካብ ኣሥመራ ዝስማዕ ዘሎ እንተ-ኾይኑ፥ እቶም ፓትርያርክ ነቲ ዝጸንሐ ማሕዩር፥ ማሕዩር ተወሲኹዎ ምስ ዝኾነ ሰብ፥ ክራኸቡ ከም-ዘይክእሉ ኮይኖም፥ ብጸቢብ ተታሒዞም ከም-ዘለዉ`ዩ ዝስማዕ ዘሎ። እዚ ድማ እቲ ዕርቂዶ-! ይቕሬታዶ-! ብዝብል ጉልባብ፥ ክዝርጋሕ ዝቐነየ ነፍሒ፥ ካብ ንፕሮፖጋንዳ ተባሂሉ ዝግበር ሃልኪ፥ ዝሓልፍ ቁም-ነገር ከም-ዘይብሉ ዘረድእ እዩ። ብዝተረፈ እዚ ጉዳይ`ዚ ከምቲ ንዓታቶም ዝመስሎም፥ ብዕበጦ ጽቐጦ ዝኸይድ ኣይኮነን። ማኅበረ-ሰብ ዓለም`ውን፥ ብዓቢይ ትዅረት ዝከታተሎ ዘሎ ጉዳይ`ዩ። ብኸምቲ ዝድለ ዘሎ፥ ኣብ ኣሥመራ ዘላ ተለቪዢን ስለ-ዝተዛረበት ጥራይ፥ ተወዲኡ ኢልካን ጠቓዕ ጠቓዕ ኣቢልካን፥ ዝውዳእ ነገር ኣይኮነን።

ብዓቢኡ እዚ ጉዳይ`ዚ፥ ጉዳይ`ታ ንዕሥራን-ሓሙሽተን ዓመት መመላእታ፥ መጋበሪ-ፖለቲካ ክትከውን ተፈሪዱዋ እትርከብ ዘላ፥ ቤተ-ክርስቲያን ተዋሕዶ ምዃኑ ክፍለጥ ይግባእ። እዚ ከኣ ዋንኡ ሕዝቢ-ተዋሕዶ እምበር፥ እቶም መለካውያን ጳጳሳት ኣይኮኑን። ንሳቶም እሞ ካብ ዓንተቦኡ፥ ኣሕሊፎም ንበላዒ ዝሃቡዋ ስለ-ዝኾኑ፥ ሕጂ ንቤተ ክርስቲያን ወኪሎም ክቐርቡ፥ ሞራላዊ ብቕዓት የብሎምን። ስለዚ እዚ ጉዳይ`ዚ ሓደ መወዳእታ ክህልዎ ዝድለ እንተደኣ ኮይኑ፥ ምስቲ ዋናን በዓል ጉዳይን ዝኾነ ሕዝቢ-ተዋሕዶ እምበር፥ ብመንገዲ ጳጳሳት ክግበር ዝድለ ዘረባስ፥ ርሑቕ ዝበጽሕ መሓውር ዘለዎ`ውን ኣይኮነን።

ብዝተረፈ ንዕለት 25 ናይ`ዚ ወርሒ`ዚ፥ ክግበር ዝተሓስበ ነገር ኣሎ ተባሂሉ`ውን፥ ኣብ ኣሥመራ ይዕለል`ዩ ዘሎ። እዚ ኣከያይዳ`ዚ ግና፥ ንዕሥራን-ሓሙሽተን ዓመት ዝኣክል እቲ ደምበ-ተዋሕዶና፥ ላድዩሉን ተመኪሩሉን ስለ-ዝኾነ፥ ሕጂ ድማ ኣብቲ ብመንገዲ ሃይማኖታዊ-ጉዳያት ኣቢሉ፥ ክግበር ዝድለ ናይ ምትላል ጸወታ፥ ኢዱ ክሕውስ ዝደሊ ኣይኮነን።

እቲ ሕዝቢ ቤተ-ክርስቲያኑ ባዕሉ ከመሓድር`ዩ ዝደሊ ዘሎ። ከምቲ ብፁዕ ኣቦና ኣቡነ-መቃርዮስ ኣብ 90ታት ዝበሉዎ፥ ቤተ-ክርስቲያንና ዘታትዩዋ እምበር፥ ክንሕንግረኪ ዝብሉዋ ኣይትደልን እያ። እቲ ብበዓል ዮፍታሔ ዲሜጥሮስን ውጉዝ ቀሺ ሃብቶም ርእሶምን፥ ዝተሳቐኹዎ ይእከለኒ`ያ ትብል ዘላ። እቶም ሰብ ግዜ ዋናታት ፖለቲካ ድማ፥ ነቲ ብወገን ተዋሕዶና ዘሎ ምረት፥ ክርድኡ እንተ-ዝኽእሉ ክንደይ እኳ ጽቡቕ’ዩ። ካብኡ-ተረፈ ሎሚ ትማሊ ስለ-ዘይኮነ፥ ቤተ-ክርስቲያን ተዋሕዶ፥ ድሕሪ ደጊም ኣርዑቶም ተሲኪማ ክትቅጽል፥ ከም-ዘይትፈቅድ ክርድኡላ`ያ ትዛረብ ዘላ።

ካህን ተክለማርያም ምርካጽዮን
ሃገረ-ስብከት ኤውሮጳ

ሃይለ ገብረትንሳኤ *ጸላዊ ዘመተን ዝምድናታትን*

ኣቶ ሃይለ ገብረትንሳኤ ”ደለይቲ ፍትሒ ጸላዊ ዘመተን ዝምንድናታትን (Lobbying and public relations) ብኸመይ ኣብ ረብሓና ነውዕሎ” ኣብ ዝብል ትሕስቶ ኣስተምህሮ ዝሃቦ – 2016-08-23



ሰልፊ ናህዳ ኤርትራ መግለጺ ኣራሚት ሽማግለ ብዛዕባ ሳልሳይ ጉባኤ።

መግለጺ ኣራሚት ሽማግለ ብዛዕባ ሳልሳይ ጉባኤ።

ክቡር ውጹዕ ተቓላሳይ ህዝብና፡

ኣብ ዝሓለፈ ቅሩብ ማዓልቲ፡ ሒደት ጉጅለ ታኣኪቦም ዘይሕጋዊ ጉባኤ ኣካይዶም፡ ደምዳሚ ኣዋጅ ከምዘውጽኡ ኩላትና ተኻታቲልናዮ።
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