Australian Eritreans ’forced’ to pay illegal tax

Members of Australia’s Eritrean community claim they are being forced to pay an illegal tax, which is being used to fund al-Shabaab.

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Sinai, Eritrean refugees enslaved. The activist: stories of inhuman cruelty

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In Sinai you die of starvation, because of ill-treatment, but also to power the organ trafficking. And ’what happens to the Eritrean refugees trying to cross the desert and fall into the hands of criminal organizations which reduce them to slavery. To ask the Egyptian government to stop this traffic in human beings, ” ’ movement campaigning for human rights , has launched a signature campaign world . From years engaged in saving the lives of Eritreans seized is Alganesh Fessaha , coordinator of the NGO ” Gandhi .”

A. – There are two types of trafficking : the former are the Rashaida, Bedouin of Sudan that are also found in Eritrea. They are the first to kidnap , or to contact people to get in the Sinai. Then, there are the Egyptian Bedouin .

Q. – Which countries are involved ?

A. – The countries most affected are the Sudan and Egypt regarding the trafficking of human beings who are subjected to the most horrific torture . Then, there are also Libya and Chad , because the refugees trying to get into Israel.

Q. – Why do so many people flee Eritrea ?

A. – Because the situation in Eritrea is deleterious . There is a dictatorship that has lasted 20 years, the boys go to military service at 16-17 years up to 50, have no future … Moreover, they are enslaved , because they do all their work imaginable on the territory, without being paid . And the young people run away ! Eritrea has become a country of small children and the elderly …

Q. – When you can liberate these people , under what conditions you find them ?

A. – So far, we have released 550 people from the hands of the Bedouins without paying anything. Under what conditions do we find them ? Inhuman because they are skeletal why not give them something to eat , they have lots of burn wounds , subject them to electric shocks , bind them to their feet at the ceiling for hours … We find them without toenails , no teeth … It ’ a really cruel situation and inhumane.

Q. – ’ corruption the main reason why you are unable to stop this?

A. – Not only corruption : there is also an economic interest . For every person you pay 30-40-50 thousand dollars and have kidnapped several ! Of these, those that have been passed in Israel are 35 thousand … There is a huge interest , there is a mafia of human trafficking , in that area , starting with the Eritrean government to get to the Sudanese government.

Q. – How important is it to maintain high attention to this reality?

A. – It ’s very important , because it means saving lives : there are no protections to safeguard human beings, there are no humanitarian corridors … It’ just that this phenomenon is made public and is always on the agenda, because it comes to human beings.


By: Radio Vaticana






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