”Reign of terror” during the expelled diplomat

The diplomat Eritrean Sweden expelled last week put fear in their fellow citizens in the Nordic region. Espionage, threats and blackmail forced them into submission, claims a defector in a unique testimony.

Nobody has ever told from the inside of the Eritrean embassy in Stockholm. But now describe a defector horrors Tekle Menghistu who was expelled last week.

– To spy on the opposition was his main task. He was very good at it – he is a high-ranking security officials, said Fidel Sium who worked closely diplomat from 2010 to 2013.

Tekle Menghistu must have had a spy network to control and suck out all Eritreans.

– Many helped him because they were afraid. Otherwise could relatives in Eritrea could get in trouble.

Central to the embassy is to require exiled Eritreans tax, for example, when someone needs a passport to apply for Swedish citizenship.

– I saw people crying and beans to get rid of, but they were forced to pay 30-40-50 000, says Fidel Sium.

He himself was a co-organizer of an annual festival in Stockholm, where thousands of Eritreans from all over Scandinavia. The 5-6 million it grossed ended up in the pockets of Tekle Menghistu and some others at the embassy under Fidel Sium.

2012 demonstrated dissidents against a festival guest – presidential adviser Yemane Gebreab.

– Just next Yemane and his SAPO Guards had Tekle Menghistu and his associates pistols and a Kalashnikov! Fidel claim Sium.

If someone came in, he would be taken out and shot, the diplomat should have explained.

He also led the slander and intimidation against opposition. Enemy number one is the Swedish-Eritrean senator Arhe Hamednaca (S) according to Fidel Sium.

Full defection Arens history can not confirm, but that can be checked right. Many observers also believe in the story.

– It seems credible. The tax is required in the whole world and there are reports of threats and violence from several countries. Canada deported the Eritrean Consul on just the basics, says Eritrea expert Kjetil Tronvoll.

The embassy would not comment on the criticism.



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