Eritrean currency fights back dictatorship

Eritrean currency fights back dictatorship

(Asmara 27/08/2014) Freedom Friday (Arbi Harnet) activists have successfully launched an innovative project to encourage young Eritreans to resist the regime that is pushing them into exile. The initiative which was successfully launched at the annual festival held in Asmara (expo) aims to spread the message by writing anti dictatorship and motivational slogans on currency notes (the Eritrean nakafa). The initiative named Nakfa Talks (“Nakfa Tezaribu”), has so far released 5,000 Nakfa worth of bank notes.

The regime is said to have taken note of the initiative and has started following some trails of inquiry but so far with little success. In their latest communication members of the Project Team inside Eritrea stated that they are all in good spirit and getting ready for their next project which they hope to launch shortly.

It is to be remembered that, last week, Freedom Friday made thousands of calls encouraging parents to not send their children back to the indefinite national service training center following the summer break for those who completed (graduate of the 27th round) their six months mandatory training.

Organizers of Freedom Friday wish to encourage all Eritreans to support this latest initiative by asking their friends and family to participate in resistance inside Eritrea by writing messages of defiance and solidarity on bank notes and putting them into circulation. Thanking all those who have been supporting the initiative project coordinators are also calling on all Eritreans to support upcoming projects by making a small contribution to Freedom Friday.

Freedom Friday is a movement aimed at encouraging resistance to dictatorship inside Eritrea by developing innovative projects that encourage collective actions of defiance and linking these with the resistance in the diaspora.

For further information please contact the project on [email protected]

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