’Government of Eritrea itself involved in human trafficking’

Domestic Foreign The Eritrean government is involved to a very high level in the trafficking of its citizens. Generals of the Eritrean army are responsible for the smuggling of people across the border , says Mirjam van Reisen. She is Professor of International Responsibility at Tilburg University and an expert in the field of human trafficking, especially from Eritrea.

Netherlands would be due to involvement of the government all have to sever diplomatic ties with Eritrea, Van Reisen.

” Government earns two ways to nationals
Late last year, Van Reisen published a study on trafficking in Eritrea, where she spoke with hundreds of refugees. According to the professor ’s reign deserves two ways to be displaced nationals. Forcing Eritrean embassies to wear off. Their compatriots abroad a ” diaspora tax ” of 2 percent of salary And some senior army officers are frequently designated as smuggler by refugees. Van Reisen:

” The closing of embassies and consulates would extortion of Eritreans abroad more difficult and a source of income for the regime cut off. ”

Netherlands itself has no embassy in Eritrea, which was closed in 2011. Eritrea still has a presence in the Netherlands. Economic relations between the Netherlands and there are hardly Eritrea.

Tomorrow debate influx Eritreans
Tomorrow is debating the House again with Secretary of State responsible Fred Teeven ( Security and Justice , VVD ) on the influx of Eritreans who are asylum applications in the Netherlands. In April and the first week of May, the Immigration and Naturalization Service registered a sudden increase in asylum applications from people who say they are from Eritrea. Netherlands does not forcible return to Eritrea, because of the risk of human rights violations there. President Isaias Afewerki carries twenty years of a reign of terror.
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