African criticism of Dawit Isaak case came

The Swedes fighting for jailed Dawit Isaak thing under the African Union human rights conference in Luanda in Angola has received very strong support. But the African criticism of Eritrea could be delayed . It tells of Dawit Isaak’s brother Esayas Isaak in place in Luanda along with Reporters Without Borders.

– Well, it’s been good to me. There are many other African countries that are here. And various organizations working with human rights.

– We have received tremendous support, and there are many who have been touched by Dawit’s history and his fate, says Esayas Isaak.

But you also tried to talk to Eritrea’s representative? It was not as good?

– No it did not.

– I felt that I wanted to take the opportunity when I was down here asking questions about him. He politely greeted me, but when he realized who I was, so he just went away. And refused to answer , and turned his back and walked says Esayas Isaak.

Many African government representatives have however listened to the Swedes. Many are shocked that it passed soon thirteen years without a trial, and that no family member had hit Dawit Isaak.

– There are many who are sad , mixed with shock!

But it will probably only at the Commission’s next session in the fall as it will mark against and criticize Eritrea, think Esayas Isaak.

The Africans at the conference pointed out that it is very important to Reporters Without Borders and others continue to hold the case of Dawit Isaak alive, and not least, continues to affect African countries . Criticism from there cares about Eritrea in a completely different way than from Sweden.

– I think myself that it is more important to other African countries, marks against Eritrea than that we always make it through the EU and European countries, ending Esayas Isaak.

The question of reporters without borders will have observer status and perhaps standing in the African Union’s Commission on Human Rights is not likely to be resolved during this session , but will also be discussed at the next Commission meeting in the fall.

On Saturday – Press Freedom Day May 3, at 15 held a broad manifestation of Dawit Isaak on Liljevalchs in Stockholm . At the same time opens an exhibition of drawings and other things that affect his case. The exhibition runs until 11 May



Esayas Isaak: ”Vi har fått ett oerhört stort stöd”





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